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Item #: RV-10210
Title: Green Building with Steel - Part 1: Material Attributes, Applications and LEED Ratings
Provider: National Green Building, Inc.
Author: Andrew Manzini
Author Certified General Contractor; NAHB Certified Green Professional Andrew Manzini
Andrew Manzini is Vice President, National Green Building, Inc. He is also a Florida Certified General Contractor, NAHB Certified Green Professional, and NAHB National Green Building Standard Verifier. Andy’s previous experience includes executive positions at Architect/Engineering firms in the fossil and nuclear power industry. He is also a management consultant, instructional designer and published author of three management books and dozens of articles. His education includes a BA and MA from Boston University and post-graduate work at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Management. He is skilled in improving productivity, achieving significant operational improvement through effective teamwork, planning and management.
Price: 39.95
Credit Hrs: 1.00
Level: 2 - Intermediate
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Green Building is rapidly becoming mainstream due to increasing environmental concerns, a desire to develop healthier structures, and increasing regulation from the permitting authorities. Do you know the benefits of building with steel–it's inherently recyclable nature and its efficiency of assembly? What is your level of expertise? This interactive online course examines Green Building in relation to the use of steel. You'll cover:

  • Manufacturing of the material
  • Types of building suitable for steel construction
  • Building certification, including a summary of LEED programs

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Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe how steel differs from wood as a building material
  • Explain the Green attributes of Steel in construction
  • Discuss the manufacturing of steel framing materials
  • List the kinds of buildings that are suitable for steel construction
  • Define the LEED ratings applicable to steel construction

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